Generally reportory contains dances, songs and music of Moravian-Slovakian frontier, highland Lašsko, up stream of Ostravice river.


To the oldest spinning dances recorded at Lašsko belongs Taněc called Starodavný by composer Leoš Janáček.

Ensemble Ostravica introduces his highland form in grouping and solo choreography.

The youngest forms of Starodavny was still danced after World War Two at Gruň, at Konečná, on Staré Hamry at weddings.

Into even more older dance form pertains male alpin dance called Skok(Jump) known in mountain and foothills of Beskydy.

Since days of bandit Ondráš, lord of Lysá hora, people calls this dance Ondráš. Our ensemble him shows in scenic adaptation.

Research from 1961-1965 at borderline pathway between Bumbálka and Bilý Kříž from place where Moravian and Slovakian culture inosculate, brought deep recognition and inspiration and that’s why were arising a number of dance lines.

They are: Staré čardáše (Lašunk), Čardáše na novouherskou notu, Jak se zpívalo a tancovalo na Kelčovském sedle v hospodě u Janošca, Korhelské (Pijácké), Šuhajko ore, Dodělaná – traditional celebration dances of outplanting trees, Teče voda z javora, Lastovenka – sólo.


Adapted figurative dances are usually dances from Beskydy mountain and foothills.

Let’s name at least Pilky – typical dance of Lašsko area, Čeladenský, Katanak, Trnka, Vojtek, Kalamajka, Dences from Janovice (Šátečkový, Prague polka, Russian polka, Galaty) etc.


Funny dances of teasing between man and woman are e.g. Klebetnice (categ. stylized folklore), Židuvka, Hamernické, Dances from Moravka – adapted of Herdsman dances from Morávka area – Bebek of J. Vyhlídal, Záhon na kobzole – women´s dance.

Another repertory contains handicraft dances (Shoemaker), Tance zpod Ondřejníka – Slezsky, Na Bílé hoře, Sekyra motyka, Ostravické polky, Husar, Zbujan, atd. Girl’s songs from countryside, named halekačky a hečené.


Traditional customs which go through all year are processed in these sections of music and dances:


  • Remains of Tuesday with burying contrabass.
  • Taking out the Winter.
  • Summer solstice, Magic Midsummer night, Wiping of dew.
  • Summer pastorale – morning songs.
  • Harvest-time – picture of last day Harvest in countrified highland location in Beskydy.
  •  Nicholas procession
  • Christmas customs from Christmas Eve, Štěpan’s carol, New Year’s carol till Three Kings, St. Dorothy ballad.